Fuel Types

We have vehicles suited to every environment, including environmentally friendly electric vehicles as well as petrol and diesel for more rugged terrains. To find out more about the fuel types we stock simply follow the links below.


Electric vehicles can easily drive 10 to 20 miles per full charge depending on type of terrain, mud and load carried. A full recharge cannot be rushed and takes 8 to 12 hours which usually takes place overnight. A charger accompanies every electric vehicle and simply plugs in to any 3 pin , 13amp ac socket. Electric vehicles are ideal, and in some cases essential, to meet health and safety requirements when operating vehicles indoors.


Petrol vehicles are very quiet in operation, easy to run and are well suited for out-doors use. Almost every one of our vehicles starts the engine by pressing the accelerator and stops the engine when you take your foot off the accelerator. This way there is no wasted engine running time and emissions are kept to an absolue minimum. 


Diesel is usually the fuel of choice for larger utility vehicles that are to be driven in rugged and demanding outdoor locations and where larger engine horsepower is demanded. A higher level of engine noise does accompany almost all diesel engines.

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