Carry People or Goods or Both!

Our vehicles are suited to carrying everything from people to large and bulky goods. Whatever you want to move, we have the perfect buggy to meet your needs.

Mainly people

Our range of people carriers and golf-style buggies are designed specially with one purpose - moving people around in an efficient and economical manner. We have everything from large people carriers to custom-made buggies suitable for VIPs. If it can move you from A to B then we have it!

Normal jobbing goods

Our range of compact utiltity vehicles are perfect for moving people and small goods around - all in one convenient and simple package.

Large bulky items

If you need to move large items around then that's no problem. We have specialist vehicles designed and adapdted to move large and bulky items around with the minimum of fuss.

Environmental clean up

We have an increasing fleet of machines to make your post event clean up as low cost and efficient as possible.

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Free Optional Extras

Don't forget to check out our free Optional Extras & Accessories that are available to all customers who hire any of our vehicles.